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Hello there! My names Mietovy Nowak(pronounced Novak), I'm 25, in love, and doing alright in life so far. Nothing specific on my blog just randomosity here. I speak a little Polish my grandmothers past away however so I don't get to do to much of it now, recently became fluent in Vietnamese, and I'm learning Japanese with my younger sister right now, but I don't know how to read any of of these except maybe the hirigana. =P I do like marvel comics, anime(so many), cosplay , video games, art(in all forms), foreign cultures, more than anything I LOVE japanese swords, mainly katana and ko-katana style, female athletes, Kendo, martial arts(especially Wing-Chun/Jeet-Kun-Do/Aikido/Judo/Muay-Thai), archery, running, nature, new age things, space, science, physics, just really many many things. I just recently became very active on my page so eventually I'm sure I will get around to posting a little of everything. If you should so decide to stalk my page, I'll go check yours out too. Well that's that for now. Keep on scrolling! XD
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Having superpowers would make everything about my life instantly better…sigh…if only.


More Facts on Psychofacts :)

A big part of me really hopes this is true&#8230;x__X

Well if we take all these things and we bury them fast, and pray that they turn from seeds, to roots, and then grass. It’d be all right. It’s alright…
It’d be easier that way.

Or if the sky opened up and started pouring rain. Like we knew it was time to start things over again, it’d be alright. It’s alright…

It’s easier that way.

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