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Hello there! My names Mietovy Nowak(pronounced Novak), I'm 25, in love, and doing alright in life so far. Nothing specific on my blog just randomosity here. I speak a little Polish my grandmothers past away however so I don't get to do to much of it now, recently became fluent in Vietnamese, and I'm learning Japanese with my younger sister right now, but I don't know how to read any of of these except maybe the hirigana. =P I do like marvel comics, anime(so many), cosplay , video games, art(in all forms), foreign cultures, more than anything I LOVE japanese swords, mainly katana and ko-katana style, female athletes, Kendo, martial arts(especially Wing-Chun/Jeet-Kun-Do/Aikido/Judo/Muay-Thai), archery, running, nature, new age things, space, science, physics, just really many many things. I just recently became very active on my page so eventually I'm sure I will get around to posting a little of everything. If you should so decide to stalk my page, I'll go check yours out too. Well that's that for now. Keep on scrolling! XD
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I really like the old Journey to the West show, but even though the Forbidden Kingdom movie was a little disappointing I still really loved Jet Li as The Monkey King. I also can’t wait for the remake of Journey to the West that’s coming out soon. So excited!! >.<

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